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We offer dog training classes and private, in-home dog training. Take your pick! We use purely positive, non-aversive dog training methods that are both effective and that help form a positive human/canine bond between you and your best friend.

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We have three basic tenets that govern the care and training of dogs:

Be Safe, Be Positive, and Have FUN!

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Walking the Walk...

(Off-leash, no less!)
  • I've been bringing my puppy since he was just 3 months old to Unleashed Joy Dog Daycare. Beth and her daughter Meghan are the best! They are natural dog lovers, and Bode adores them. Now they've moved to a larger location with a fenced in outdoor play area so they can run in the sunshine. I love the comfort of knowing when I need to board him, he is with "family" whom he knows and loves so I never worry about his well-being while we're away. We get frequent updates too on Facebook during the days with videos and photos of our pups. I can't recommend them enough.
    Elizabeth ReichElizabeth ReichEllicott City, MD
  • The only one I'd trust my babies with!
  • Best place to take your dogs...excellent staff with a great facility and you'll even see photos of your dogs on their site!
  • It is pure joy to watch Beth at work. She truly loves what she does, loves dogs, understands them, and knows how to communicate with them and their owners. Unleashed Joy combines science, compassion, a thorough knowledge of dogs and dog behaviors, and excellent communication with both canines and humans. . .all in a fun environment!
    Carol SmithWoodbine, MD
  • Having worked at other boarding kennels, Unleashed Joy , is BY FAR superior care and comfort for your dogs. The setting is tranquil and secure. In most boarding kennels the stress level is high and the dogs are penned the entire time, receiving minimal potty breaks. It has been lovingly designed with a "home like" setting in mind.
    Sionna EganCatonsville, MD
  • High Maintenance Dog! My pup was a rescue, and was more than all over the place! First class I couldn't even keep him concentrated with the new surroundings. By the last class, he was alert, attentive and listened to command! The instructor uses only positive enforcement, which makes sense... Who wants to obey commands to screaming and smacks!!! Ralphie enjoyed class and I got the sense he knew where we were going after a couple of visits and would get very excited in the ride over. I just signed him up for the intermediate class b/c he loved it so much AND watching him was so much fun for me. He was eager to do what Beth wanted him to do. Great local spot, friendly helpers, they truly love dogs. You won't find a more comfortable and welcoming group of women. They love what they do and it shows. The classes are small so each dog gets all the attention it could want!! Definitely recommend this training group for any training need.
    Tina W.Tina W.Windsor Mill, MD
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