Dog Behavior

Figuring out a dog’s behavior – why he does what he does – can be difficult and frustrating, but we have tips to help you figure out how to communicate better.

Canine Enrichment

Enrichment is an important part of improving our dogs’ lives, but why and how should you go about it and...


Dog Daycare Play Styles – the German Shepherd Play Style

German Shepherd Play Style We’ve been exploring dog play styles of late here at Unleashed Joy, and our latest notes...

Dog Breed Play Styles

Doggy Daycare & How Breed Determines Play Styles

Last week we discussed dog play styles, roughly outlining what we have experienced as the most prominent features of dog play...

Dog Play

Dog Daycare & Dog Play Styles

Here’s the Skinny on Dog Play Styles When it comes to dog play, the most important factor is the size...

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