• Private Behavior Modification

    What is it?
    Private training to address your dog’s behavioral issues

  • Behavioral Issues? We Can Help

    We can help work with you and your dog to address any of the following behaviors:

    • Fearfulness or aggression toward people or dogs
    • Resource guarding of food, toys, people, favorite items
    • General fear or anxiety issues
    • Excessive barking or reactivity

    Does your dog growl or snap at you when you approach him while he is eating? Is he fearful of every visitor that comes into your home? Does he bark incessantly? We offer Private Behavior Modification sessions in your home or at our facility in Woodstock, MD to help work with you and your dog through any behavioral issues that he may have.

    Training Details

    • $500 for 4 One-Hour Sessions
    • Sessions are Once Each Week


    • $150 for Initial 90-Minute Consult
    • $125/Session for Subsequent 1-Hour Sessions


    Call 410-404-6492 or Email Us
    2761 Melrose Ave., Woodstock, MD 21163

  • Purely Positive Dog Training

    Our techniques are purely positive. We don’t advocate a human/dog relationship based on fear and/or coercion, and do not support or use choke collars, prong collars, shock collars or any aversive techniques that may damage your dogs trust in you or in humankind.